Mother F Tour 2012

Mother F is a comedy about Mothers.  Articulate Elbow received Arts Council Funding for a Research and Development period to work with Ben Keaton (Perrier Award winner, Olivier Award nominee) as Director and Sian Williams (The Kosh, The Globe) as choreographer.

Mother F tours in October 2012 to arts centres in Britain and Ireland as listed below.  This is an Arts Council funded tour.


3/10/2012        Wolves Arena, Wolverhampton

4/10/2012         Square Chapel, Halifax

10/10/2012      Waterside Arts Centre, Londonderry

11/10/2012       Market Place Theatre, Armagh

13/10/2012       St John’s Theatre, Listowel, Co. Kerry

17/102012         Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

18/10/2012       Rose Theatre, Edge Hill, Ormskirk

19/10/2012        Royal Exchange Studio, Manchester

20/10/2012       Royal Exchange Studio, Manchester

26/10/2012       Pyramid, Parrs Hall, Warrington

27/10/2012       Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury

1/11/2012           Circomedia, Bristol

'I'm too tired to be angry.' Photo by Vincent Abbey

Blue 6 Mother F work in progress at the Royal Exchange Studio, Manchester. Isabel Ford and Susan Swanton singing ‘I’m too tired to be angry.’ Photo by Vincent Abbey


3 thoughts on “Mother F Tour 2012

  1. says:

    Dear AE,
    Really, badly, want to see your show ‘Mother F’ but can’t make Circomedia, Bristol, date. Any chance of you hooking up with the ICIA ( University of Bath Arts Centre) or Rondo Theatre, Bath?
    Best wishes. Vicky

    • Hallo Vicky
      Thank you for your request. I shall get my tour booker onto it. We have just started this first tour and if we get the wild response of audiences as we did at Square Chapel, Halifax last night then we will think about re-touring. I shall keep you informed. Many thanks for your interest.

  2. David guest says:

    I was at Halifax and I don’t recall being at theatre were so many people were belly laughing through a show. Good luck with the rest of the tour “ladies”.

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